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This collection was birth to draw attention to the plight that African Americans experience daily in the United States of America (US). Make no mistake America is a great country; but it became this great country at the expense of the blood, sweat, and tears of Africans and other ethnicities, races, and cultures. A9D pays homage to our ancestors, 21st century agitators, and our futurist across the diaspora!

About the Collection

BLM represent Black Lives Matter. A9D supports the movement that the lives of black people matter! Not just black people in the US but black people throughout the diaspora.

Enuff is Enuff is the phrase that Tamika Mallory coined as a rallying cry for African- Americans and people of color throughout the diaspora in her May 29, 2020 speech concerning George Floyd. Ms. Mallory is one of the Co-Founder of Until Freedom.

1619-2020 -1619 was the year of the first arrival of enslaved Africans to the Virginia colony. 2020 is the year of unrest and protest for black justice in the US.

#howwefight -How We Fight is an international network of professionals, students, and other concerned citizens who seek justice and reform through action. Byron F. Wilson of The Wilson Academy promotes a 2-Point Plan, in which the two components are 1) Economic Empowerment, and 2) Exercising our right to bear arms.

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