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Image by James Wiseman

History of A9D

In Africa, everything has a meaning and our company’s name shares that value. In the name African-9-Designs (A9D):

"Africa" represents the ancestral land for the African people

"9" is for the nine regions were descendants of Africans were primarily captured; additionally, nine represents the African-American Greek organizations that make up the Divine Nine.

"Designs" represents the influence of African and African-American culture when designing the many artifacts and textiles created by A9D.

Image by kylefromthenorth

Our Goal

Is to collaborates with profit and non-profit organizations to empower African on ancestral land and throughout the diaspora with a sense of nationalism and pride from their roots.

Image by Lenny Miles
Marrakesh Market


A9D specializes in hand crafted African artifacts with a combined influence of Africa, African American, Prince Hall Freemasonry, Divine Nine, the AME Church, and HBCUs. A9D’s Creative Village works directly with African artist on ancestral land to infuse and influence artifacts made for A9D. Our artifacts include handwoven tapestries, hand crafted wooden sculptures, bust, African glass trade beads African wearable textiles with a world view influence. You will find that our price points are moderate, and a purchase of each piece helps a family/village in West Africa.

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